Neon Skateboarding

This was developed together with Edward Beauman during Reality Virtually Hackathon at MIT Media Labb in 2017. We wanted to build something really tangible and weird - VR skateboarding experince, when you would ride a skateborard -  I mean really riding on a real skateboard in real space but with a VR headset on your head. 
The iidea was to skate a miniramp in VR. Again - that means you are really skating a miniramp, but with a VR headset on, and you could, for example see hot lava instead of miniramp surface and a hotdog iunder your feet instead of a skateboard. Pretty cool, right? But we quickly found out that to participate our visitors need at list the very basic skateboarding skills - those who dont ride skateboard wouldnt immediatly do it in VR, obviously. So we shifted towards a more open experience where skateboard served as a tool to explore the VR environment. For example at one point you had to touch something quite high - the only way to do that was raising a skateboard above your head.

Edward put a lot of effort into sound - skateboard rotation, relative to body position and acceleration were used to drive complex generative synthesizers, making skateboard a new crazy VR sound instrument. Many people decided to put off other explorations and were just sitting on the floor deliberately searching perfect sounds with tiny intricate skateboard movements.