Mahover’s Dream

2015. installation. wood, glass, DIY circuitry, cupholders

Swedish curatorial team Raketa invited me to participate their Moscow Biennial special project. They were presenting documentations of an art residency, which took part in transsiberian train earlier same year. The transsiberian train covers 5772 miles during 7 days. Raketa opencalled international artist to produce artwork during the trip. I didn’t participate the residency itself, but the project felt resonant to me, so I commisioned an installation that plays with iconic cupholders - image familiar to everyone who had ever travelled by train in Russia. Servomotors move strings, with teaspoons attached to the end, producing the sound which is going to follow you for those 7 days if you take the transsiberian. Additional interest was brought with another exhibition opening at the same museum the same day. It explored ways for an artwork to be perceived/produced by blind people. This piece was attractive from that point and raised discussions on sound stimuli as a powerful trigger for memory machinery.