2015. installation. cardboard, incandescent bulbs, sound, controllers

A collaborative work with Italian artist Michele Giangrande. It was a special project at Uralhimmash factory within the Ural Industrial Biennial in Ekaterinburg.
Michele used cardboard, to build large industrial-shaped objects - cogs, transmissions etc, playing with contrast of such a fragile material and solid forms. He is obsessed with wheels as a symbol of human creativity, and circle shape in general. I decided to recontextualise factory’s artificial light and sound of the working factory. Electric light once radically changed the spatial and temporal aspects of labour. The image of a lightbulb refers to idea, innovation, giving us a chance to overcome the existing order of things and move on to new and better organization - a bright future.
In the end we had a complex large scale installation and an immersive soundscape made of factory field records. Work was later nominated Kuryokhin prize as a best visual artwork.