Ildar Iakubov - artist and educator.                             cv, bio, portfolio

Dropped out of Mathematics and Mechanics at Saint-Petersburg State University in 2008, thinking that a career in multimedia integration is a promising workaround. In 2012, after random collision with Paolo Caliari’s “The Wedding at Cana”, found himself standing in museum very unhappy with himself and consequently became a VJ. Later logically got interested in contemporary art, which in turn raised the question of the lacking education. Searching for answers studied in “Chto Delat” engaged art school, Rodchenko art school, Strelka Institute and various edutainment facilities. Now spends most of the time participating Biennials, Residencies, Festivals and so on.

Uses tech tools for art production - programming, diy circuitry, VR, lasers, projections, etc

Tries to release his creative practices from external funding, therefore takes part in commercial projects, selecting those that are challenging enough, like accepting Chief Video Engineer position at Planetarium #1 with an official duty to make it the biggest and the most cost-efficient at the same time.

Knowledge-sharing enthusiast, once inspired by Seymour Paupert’s book, designed some programs for various audiences. Enjoys hacking in broad sense and is among organizers of the huge annual “Reality, Virtually, Hackathon!” at the MIT Media Lab.